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Viktoria Telek

Certified Personal Trainer (ACE), CPR, Amateur Boxing Federation, Master Boot Camp Instructor, Fitness Model & Expert knows there are no shortcuts to maintaining a healthy, fit, and injury free body. Viktoria’s training methods will transform your body with functional exercises to improve flexibility & balance, cardio interval circuits to increase endurance, body-weight exercises to strengthen your core, shed fat and burn maximum calories.  Viktoria’s undeniable passion for fitness, determination, unparalleled abundance of energy and commitment will motivate and inspire you to transform your body.

Viktoria is the founder of the leading group outdoor workout South Beach.  The South Beach Boot Camp incorporates techniques from her athletic background, such as boxing, yoga, running, volleyball, dance, surfing, wakeboarding and many other sports.

Get fit with Viktoria’s workout videos and learn how to live a healthy an active lifestyle.

Viktoria is Wilhelmina Model’s Hottest Body, featured in Shape Magazine, the boxing face for Everlast, recently released Step Gym Shoes Workout Video, Sweet Sweat Commercial and fitness expert for She has appeared in Prevention, Star Magazine,on NBC, Fox, Inside Edition, MSN, the Daily Buzz, Plum TV, the Weekend Workout Radio Show, and more……

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Shape Magazine
The Vitamin Shoppe
The Standard Hotel & Spa
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Stay-Fit Tips – Shape’s September Issue

Valerie Latona, Editor in Chief  had this to say, “Why I loved Viktoria, not only does she have an AMAZING body with abs, (I must say, that are fabulously sculpted) but she was very real.  She seemed just like every one of us, which helps to prove the point that getting a firm butt, flat  (sculpted) abs, and strong (lean) legs IS do-able.  You should have seen her do a V-pike on a stability ball  (without the slightest bit of wobble); that tells you how strong her core is!


1. Do Double the Duty: Viktoria works in commercial real estate in Miami Beach—and got rid of her desk chair years ago.  She sits on a stability ball, making her time at the desk more active.  (No wonder she’s got great abs!)
2. Find something you love you to do: You aren’t going to exercise if you hate what you’re doing. Find an activity you love to do and do it.  Viktoria is a big fan of Wakeboarding, Kiteboarding, Stand-Up Paddleboarding, and Surfing (can you tell she lives near the beach!?)
3. Make time everyday to exercise: Everyone can find time (even just 15 minutes) in their schedule.  By making a commitment to your body, you WILL see changes. (So true!)
4.  Practice the art of control: Yes, you can indulge your sweets cravings (Viktoria is partial to sour patch kids) but eat in moderation. Don’t ever cheat yourself or not give into a craving…as you’ll just binge more later on. (Why I have an extra large Vivani Dark Chocolate bar in my desk drawer, very conveniently located next to my keyboard!

5.  Have a workout buddy: Viktoria started doing bootcamps with her friends on the beach…and found that they all loved doing it together. More and more friends have joined.

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