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Beach Boot Camp

(60 Minutes)
Designed for all fitness levels. A total body workout on the beautiful beaches of South Florida. This is a fun, safe workout that allows participants to challenge themselves and work as a team. Exercises are conducted as a group, with partners, team races and challenges to motivate everyone to work harder.

Boot Camp Wellness

(90-120 minutes)
60min | Boot Camp Class. A total body workout
30min | Stretch & Stress Relief
30min | Educational seminar covering: Health, Fitness, Nutrition & Wellness.
If you’re looking for fun group activities we also can design a beach volleyball game, soccer drills, kayaking trip, paddle boarding, Beach Olympics, boating & swimming and more…

Corporate Boot Camp Program

Fitness program designed for your entire company and all fitness levels.   This program is designed to reach specific goals and offers a convenient way for your employees to work out over a specific time period.   We can go to your workplace, nearby park or beach. Incentives, prizes and challenges may also be incorporated.