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Beach Boot Camp

(60 Minutes)
Designed for all fitness levels. A total body workout on the beautiful beaches of South Florida. This is a fun, safe workout that allows participants to challenge themselves and work as a team. Exercises are conducted as a group, with partners, team races and challenges to motivate everyone to work harder.

Boot Camp Wellness

(90-120 minutes)
60min | Boot Camp Class. A total body workout
30min | Stretch & Stress Relief
30min | Educational seminar covering: Health, Fitness, Nutrition & Wellness.
If you’re looking for fun group activities we also can design a beach volleyball game, soccer drills, kayaking trip, paddle boarding, Beach Olympics, boating & swimming and more…

Corporate Boot Camp Program

Fitness program designed for your entire company and all fitness levels.   This program is designed to reach specific goals and offers a convenient way for your employees to work out over a specific time period.   We can go to your workplace, nearby park or beach. Incentives, prizes and challenges may also be incorporated.

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Morning Workout

            Morning Workout 100 Laying on your back – Alternating Leg Raises 20 Plie Squats with Tricep Press 20 Tricep Dips 50 Bicycle Crunches 50 Full Sit ups 50 Body Weight Squats 20 Tricep Dips 50 Kettle-bell or Dumbbell Swings... read more

Volleyball Workout

Volleyball Workout Do each exercise for 45 seconds; push yourself to complete your maximum number of reps. Rest for 15 seconds then move on to the next exercise. High Knees Ice Skaters Football Fast Feet In/Out Jump Squats Forward Lunge Feet Together Hops Foot Speed... read more


fitness-trainer-articalCertified Personal Trainer (ACE), CPR, Amateur Boxing Federation, Master Boot Camp Instructor, Fitness Model & Expert knows there are no shortcuts to maintaining a healthy, fit, and injury free body. Viktoria’s training methods will transform your body with functional exercises to improve flexibility & balance, cardio interval circuits to increase endurance, body-weight exercises to strengthen your core, shed fat and burn maximum calories.  Viktoria’s undeniable passion for fitness, determination, unparalleled abundance of energy and commitment will motivate and inspire you to transform your body.

fitness-trainer-1Viktoria is the founder of the leading group outdoor workout South Beach.  The South Beach Boot Camp incorporates techniques from her athletic background, such as boxing, yoga, running, volleyball, dance, surfing, wakeboarding and many other sports.

Get fit with Viktoria’s workout videos and learn how to live a healthy an active lifestyle.

Viktoria is Wilhelmina Model’s Hottest Body, featured in Shape Magazine, the boxing face for Everlast, recently released Step Gym Shoes Workout Video, Sweet Sweat Commercial and fitness expert for She has appeared in Prevention, Star Magazine,on NBC, Fox, Inside Edition, MSN, the Daily Buzz, Plum TV, the Weekend Workout Radio Show, and more……
Sweet Sweat
Shape Magazine
The Vitamin Shoppe
The Standard Hotel & Spa
The Kite Shop
Bro Active Wear
ACE (American Council on Exercise) (NCAA)
Sandals Resort
Gator Bait Wakeboarding
Wilhelmina Models
Prevention Magazine
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The Weekend Workout Radio Show, special guest with Jose Antonio Ph.D
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Viktoria Telek- Fitness Expert
Wilhelmina Fitness Model
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